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My journey to follow Jesus began in the Methodist church.  I was very active in the youth program and was given the opportunity to preach on a Sunday morning.   Even though I was active in the Methodist church, I was still searching for something.   My junior year in High School I was on the basketball team and that year the preacher’s son, Dudley, made the team.  Over the course of about 1½ years, he spoke with me about doing what the Bible teaches. Specifically he spoke about being immersed into Christ and having my sins washed away. One Sunday evening, the preacher spoke about obedience and I came under conviction.  On March 16, 1975, I was baptized into Christ.

The summer of 1975, I had the opportunity to attend a Christ In Youth conference.  It was at that conference that I felt called into ministry.  When I got back home, my preacher told me it wasn’t too late to attend Bible College that semester.  I explained to him that I had already enrolled at Wichita State and I would go to Bible College in the spring.  In the mean time, I began to have second thoughts about ministry.  In August of 1975, I witnessed a 4 year old child get killed as he darted out into traffic. That event helped me clarify my priorities and remove all doubts about going into ministry.

The spring of 1976 I enrolled at Ozark Bible College (Ozark Christian College) and I finished my course work in December of 1979.  During my years at Ozark, I gained a deep appreciation and respect for the Word of God, which is still core to my life and ministry.

It was at my home church, that I met my bride to be Cheri.  On June 3, 1978, we got married.  Later that month, we started a ministry with the Christian Church in Toronto, KS and we have been in ministry ever since.

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