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Every person is driven by something.  Some people are driven by guilt, fear, resentment, anger,  greed.  Some people are driven by their past and let it control their future. They say “I have always been this way.”  Some people are driven by their parents.  Forty years later,  they are still trying to please mom and dad and win their approval.  Some people are driven by peer pressure.  They look around and their number one  question is, What would other people think?” Some people are driven by their partner.  They are married to a domineering spouse and say, “I am just a doormat.”

People are funny.  Sometimes we are  like the story about a fellow who came into this little country town and he saw an unbelievable display of shooting ability.  He saw these arrows, one stuck in a tree, another stuck in a fence post and one on the side of a barn. Every time there was a target and the arrow was dead-center in the bull’s eye. He could not believe it. He asked around in an attempt to discover the sharpshooter. He was directed to a little boy and he said, “Son, I want to know how on earth you did that?”  He said, “Mister,  it is really simple. I just shoot the arrow and when it sticks, I get my chalk and draw a circle around it.”

Many people go through life that way. We do whatever we feel like doing and we try to find a purpose and say “I must be hitting some target.”  I want to suggest that the life that really matters is a life driven by purpose.  The good news is  God has a purpose for your life.  God does not create things without a purpose. The tragedy is that most people never know their purpose in life.

Throughout the Bible,  the power of purpose changed lives. Noah endured scoffing and ridicules and mocking as he worked for years and years to build that ark. Why? He had a purpose.  Abraham uprooted himself and went to a country that he knew nothing about, did not know where he was going and lived out of a tent. Why? He had a purpose.  Moses left his fearful existence in Midian and went back before the most powerful man of the face of the earth.  He was the vessel of God administering ten unbelievable plagues in the presence of the Egyptians.  Moses then led two million griping, stumbling, complaining Israelites out into the desert for forty years. Why?  He had a purpose. David would face a giant when the rest of the army of Israel would want to hide. Why?  He had a purpose.  Daniel could exhibit unbelievable calm in the midst of a pride of lions because he knew his purpose.  John the Baptist  preached with such force that people were coming to him by the hundreds.  After that kind of magnificent preaching display, he could say to everybody, I must decrease so that this one will increase. Why? He had a purpose.  Stephen would die a martyr’s death preaching a message that he knew his audience could not stand. Why?  He had a  purpose.   Paul would face every kind of persecution that we could imagine. Why?  He had a purpose. Jesus hung on that old rugged cross. Why? Because He had a purpose, “to seek and save the lost.”

Every time I find somebody doing something great, I find that the underlying reason is that person had a purpose and clearly understood that purpose.   Read the Bible and discover God’s purpose for your life.